Camilo Bermúdez

Control Groups and Docker

In the first and second post of this series a brief introduction to control groups was made, the basic concepts and a little tinkering with the real thing, now I just want to see for myself that docker actually uses control groups to limit the amount of memory assigned to a real container, and if so, how does it do it.

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Control Groups and Yoga

In a previous post I struggled to explain, successfully I hope, in a very simplistic way the basic concepts behind control groups, then I figured it would be interesting to play around a little with the real thing and put the results here for posterity in case one day I find myself in a desperate need to remember. First, let’s have a quick look at the general details about the interface we’re about to deal with.

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Control Groups

Look at the title of this post, during the remaining lines of it you will be reading either about a 1930s fascist Italy special police corps or, of course, about a linux kernel feature, lucky for you that I don’t feel like complaining about the intriguing ability of politicians to put fancy names to the most abominable ideas and probably other posts will come on that subject, but this one is about the kernel feature called control groups.

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